Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mom Gave Me Some Bad News Today

So there I was just sitting peacefully watching television:

I so love the weather channel!

Did you say something Mom? Can't you see I'm busy?

Ok, if you insist on talking! Gee, can't get a minute of peace in this house!

What?!!! What did you say, I think I heard you wrong!

Nope, just looked, everything is still there.

Not today? They are going to spay me Monday and fix my hernia? I think I'm depressed.

Oh my God! This is not fair!

Give it up Mom, you can't console me, I have a right to a good cry!


I am not acting like a baby over this! Are you aware they are going to cut me open and all my stuff will fall out? What if the can't get it back in? I am NOT being dramatic, stop saying that!!!

Might as well give up, she isn't giving in. This pugs is the face of resignation and pure pity!
I think I will go take a shit in her bedroom.



  1. Good luck Lola! And no, you're not being dramatic at all!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Good luck, Lola. I barely remember when I got mine done...they gave me all kinds of woozy making drugs. Hope you heal quickly!
    p.s. you saying you were going to take a shit in the bedroom made me ROLL ON THE FLOOR WOOFING OUT LOUD! :)

  3. you are not overreacting and don't let her tell yous that yous is a drama queen. I say go shit in her room twice!!!!!


  4. Hi Lola! I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures in this post! Surgery is always harder on the peeps than us (so you'd think they'd be handing out the treats when we bounce right back!), but you will be in our prayers.

  5. Hi Lola
    Of course I will be sending you magic bubble full of healing so that you recoop very fast. I do not think you are over dramatic at all!
    No way!
    As you recoop, you will be able to lay around and watch that weather station all you want.

  6. OMD, the vet and surgery?! I think you have the right to be dramatic!