Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Not Fat, I'm Just Fluffy!

Look ma, no ribs!

Mom has been so concerned about me being such a skinny pug. The vet has always assured her I was fine and sooner or later would put on weight. I think "sooner" is here. It creeped up on me so slowly I didn't even notice it at first. I have never been the typical pug when it comes to food. Once you see someone make a fool out of themselves daily like Tucker does over food you realize it isn't an attractive trait. Or that could be that snout and those ears he sports that make him unattractive. Anyway, I am pretty picky with dog food, Mom has tried them all from the super expensive to the ridiculously cheap and I pretty much turned my nose up at all of them, only tolerating Iams. Then this past week Mom comes home with a new kind. I don't know the name of it and Mom is too lazy to get up and go look at the bag so I will have to tell you that later. What I do know is this stuff is to die for! I have discovered a joy of food now. Yes, indeedy friends I am now one of you!  I am begging for it, I scarf it down the minute it hits my bowl and I am in the process of trying to learn how to open the pantry door myself so I can get some of it anytime I want.  Damn those child locks! The only downside is I use to free feed because I never ate much at one time Mom just left my bowl down all the time to make sure I got enough. I can't free feed anymore because I love this stuff so much that I cleaned that bowl in seconds and when she tried to put more in it for me to snack on....well....I cleaned that out too when she left the room. I have gained 2 lbs this past week and Mom says my ribs aren't showing now. Truthfully, she was a little rude about it and actually called me fat. I told her I am just fluffy.

This new food does have some serious side effects and I think I will write the company to tell them they need to list them on the label. I don't want any puggy getting hurt because of these side effects. Mom tells me to stop being dramatic. Like a pug would ever be dramatic! She says it is nothing more than "Full Belly Syndrome" and says I will survive. She also says it isn't entirely the foods fault and that my being extremely nosy plays a part in what happened.

First I took my full belly to the soft comforter on the couch to lay down, but then I got a little sleepy..

So I quickly sit up because I didn't want to miss anything that was going on...

It was getting very hard to keep my eyes open and I started to sway a little...

So I sat up straighter...

Then I started to sway again and my tongue started to make an appearance...Mom says that is a sure sign I am going to fall asleep.

Finally I couldn't fight the sleep monster any longer and fell over...

Then this happened:

I rolled over while I was asleep and fell right in the floor, talk about a rude awakening! Mom says even my feet have wrinkles, at her age I wouldn't be talking about anyone else's wrinkles. Just sayin'


  1. You're not fat Lola! BOL you look beautiful! Love the last sentence
    Dachshund Nola
    P.S. Have you seen the comedian Gabriel Iglasias (think that's how you spell it) on Comedy Central? He says there are 6 levels of fat (none of which you are): big, healthy, husky, fluffy, DAMN, and Oh Hell No! It's really funny BOL

  2. Lola, those pictures are just darling! I can't tell you how excited I am about your food triumph! Yay, food!

  3. Hi Lola
    I am so happy that you have some food that you love! FINALLY!
    It is nice to have a full tummy, and you look just perfect!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Dear Lola,

    What a great title! I'm going to use it any time Mom freaks out about my weight :)

    Free-feeding is definitely not a concept I'm familiar with. I'm known to gain weight out of thin air and my parents keep me on a perpetual diet.

    Keep on wagging,

  5. So what kind of food are you eating? We are super picky free feeders and are very curious. Mom says we really don't eat enough, though she has tried every brand of dog food she can think of. I tell her I just like to be supermodel thin and will protest for human food. Anyway, let us know. Don't tell Coco, but she has finally gotten like, a half of a butt roll going.