Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty Sure I'm Not On The Good List Today

Mom had one place in this house where she could always count on getting away from me. I am a pain in the pug butt if she uses the laptop so she would get on the desktop computer so I couldn't bother her. Well last night I figured out all I have to do is jump on the paper box in the floor, then onto the low file cabinet, then from there on to the high file cabinet, then down to the printer table. If I walk across that printer table this is where I end up:

Yep, that's me! Right there in my Mom's lap! While she is on the desktop!!!!

This is me looking all proud of my accomplishment.

I don't like my toys to be put up and Mom got this wild hair to put all my toys in the basket before I fell asleep last night. Yeah, you heard right...BEFORE I went to sleep! What was she thinking? Crazy woman, did she really think I was going to sit back and quietly let her do that? I admit I did cry like a little wuss over it for a few minutes but then I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. I tried to threaten her with my best mean face:
She wasn't buying it and told me to straighten up or I wouldn't get a treat before bed. That was the point at which she spiraled down into just playing dirty.

I decided to take things into my own paws and put them all back where I want them to be, in Tucker's floor mat.  Yes, Tucker has that little bed for a floor mat, the boy has a real problem with his delicate little ass touching the floor. He will only sit on the floor if he has this mat. I  like to torment him by putting my toys in his mat.
I better not find a single one of my toys missing....

Checking to make sure my de-stuffed possum is in here.

Then to teach Mom a lesson I left this for her in her bedroom:
It might not have been my wisest choice considering she was already none to happy about me learning to get in her lap while she is on the desktop. But some situations just call for desperate measures and messing with my toys is a big no-no!

This is me getting my butt chewed out by Mom for my little act of mutiny.

Still hearing about it from Mom....God, is she ever going shut up about this?

Ok, Ok Mom! I am thoroughly ashamed and promise not to ever do it again. Are you happy now?


  1. Lola, I'm guessing your paws were crossed when you made that promise! Hehee!

  2. BOL Lola you crack me up! Hope your not in too much trouble!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. You wouldn't be two, as in "Terrible", would you Lola?


  4. BUSTED. Though I don't think you look shameful at all. You really have to try and look shameful. It makes the mom's feel better.


  5. Doing a poo on the floor is the worse way of teaching moms a lesson...I know from experience!!! BUT, great way to get into moms lap while she is on the computer!! I hate the computer and will do anything to get inbetween it and my mom!!


  6. Oh Lola, you might have gone too far this time!!!Well, probably not, us moms are so forgiving.

  7. Lola, somehow I don't believe that! Mom's are like broken records I tell ya. Kudos on the "tootsie rolls" in the bedroom. I'm sure she was enjoying that smell right up until she fell asleep. Sweet dreems Mom. Can't make fun of Tucker though..My Boston butt doesn't go near an unpadded, cold surface either.


  8. Lola-
    Nice try! I am going to try that tootsie roll trick too!
    And I love your mean face!