Friday, May 11, 2012


It's no big secret around here my Mom is lazy, we have discussed this before. She has never sent in my registration papers because she had no intention of breeding me or selling me and they couldn't come up with a name they wanted on the papers. My official name. One of my sisters didn't want her to use the Grace because she wants to name her future daughter Honor Grace. So Mom told her she would drop the Grace and she was back to square one of thinking of a name for me. Then I got sick and so many people helped me out for my first treatment and it made Mom and My Boy think they really needed to send those papers in. But still there was the problem of  the name, she said I had too many aunties and uncles to put on the papers and she was pretty sure the AKC would reject Lola Pug Slut.  Mom and My Boy just couldn't agree so I still didn't get those papers with my official name sent in before my first treatment. That first treatment was very expensive and I have told you all about how the Pug Sluts pitched in to help me leaving me with a whole bunch of new aunties and uncles. Mom says they all own a little piece of me now. But I was still facing 4 more treatments and since the first time around it took more than one the vet told Mom it probably would for the next treatments too because I am slow. I was upset by that remark until Mom explained that it didn't mean I was short bus special just that I was slow to respond to the treatment. Mom was devasted since it took all of the first ChipIn to pay for that first transfer and factor treatment, she just didn't know what she was going to do. Then two very special angels came and  Mom had the money for the second treatment and the portal cleaning too, since I needed an extra dose just as the vet predicted that was covered too. If my clotting test on Monday is low and I have to have a supplement treatment that is covered now too.  So My Boy decided he wanted to have their name included in my official name and Mom thought that was a great idea. Today Mom filled out and sent in the  papers with my official name(we got their permission first of course). I really thought she should have put Duchess in front of it but she mumbled something about people getting me confused with Camilla since we look so much alike, and Prince Charles might not be able to tell us apart and it could cause a royal upheaval at Buckingham Palace so she vetoed any royal titles.

So here it is: My official name on my papers, in honor of my very special guardian angels is:

Lola Devney Jacquelynn Belk


  1. Awww, what a beautiful name!!


  2. oooh,thats a wonderful thankyou for your helping angels.they must be sooo proud.
    and its really a beautiful name for a really cute lady!
    please dont care,if the treatments work slowly,its much more important,that they DO work.
    we keep all our paws and fingers crossed for you and i am sure,you will kick this illness in its butt!
    have a nice weekend
    greetings anni,the foxbrothermomma

  3. That's a beautiful name! My reg. name is Conner's La Bella Nola (la bella=the beautiful)

  4. OMP that is wonderfuls! And you don't need Duchess in the fronts... we all knows that you are of true royalty. And I agrees, I don't thinks Lola Pug Slut would works. I loves the names!


  5. I love your beautiful name that you chose, and I hope you keep getting better and better!

  6. Beautiful name for a beautiful pug

    urban hounds

  7. Oh Lola, I love your "real" name, it's just beautiful, of course I would have liked to see "slut" in there somewhere. By the way, I was just reading your last post and we have the same rug in our den! Funny how you notice things.

  8. What a lovely name they came up with!

    Nubbin wiggles,