Monday, October 29, 2012

Discussions With Mom About My "Habits"

It's been a long time since I have posted, it's all Mom's fault. She has been blah, blah, blah...depressed...blah. There enough said.

I also had a rather nasty round with my last treatment and spent about a week in the hospital and had to have some extra things done. But right now I'm doing pretty good and can even play with the Chupacabra again, when I want too, which isn't often. I am a little worried thought that they gave me something at the hospital because I find myself being much nice to him since I have been home. I could understand if they did, it would be a fair payback. I do no care what rumors you have heard I was relatively good. You steal one little tube of mascara out of some vet tech's coat and they act like you are ready for San Quentin. Ok, maybe I did  a little more than steal a tube of mascara. You see they had a problem this time, any other time I pug scream and they call my Mommy to come get me. They don't even care what she wears as long as she shows up. But this time they couldn't call Mommy because I had to be monitored. I guess they decided just letting me run wild through the place was better than hear me pug scream so in the daytime they let me loose in the back office and at night I had full run of the place. Do you realize how much there is to get into in a Vet's office? I had no idea there was such a multitude of treasures in there! I did wrong, I know I did, but it was me that left the coats, purses and files within reach. The first afternoon I decided to check out the desk, someone had thoughtfully left me some reading material on the desk, since I don't read I simply shredded it. They brushed it off with a "at least we also keep a hard copy of records on the computer" One of them even kissed the top of my head and told me it was alright and that I was still a good girl. She changed her mind when I got in her purse and ate her lunch money. Oh, and the vet, he left his jacket on the back of a chair and I found the most wondrous treat in the pocket. Chewing gum! He said I was very polite the way I didn't eat the paper, only ate his whole pack of gum and that most dogs would have ate the paper too. I might have gotten away with that one by blaming the quiet little dog that was also running loose, but they caught me red handed with the gum in the fur of my folds. I figured out I could snake my tongue in the side of the cages of those that have not learned to use pug screaming to their advantage yet, and when I got all their toys close enough I pulled them through the bars and made a big pile of them on the floor. I dared anyone to touch that pile of toys. Hey, I worked for them!  Now Mom is scared to death if I ever have to stay the night again they are going to make her stay with them. That is where all we be well with the world again, because they don't realize she doesn't go anywhere without the little Chupucabra, I figured a couple ripped out ankles from him and they will realize I am easier to handle, or at least friendlier and send Mom and the creature home leaving me to run my pugtona's free in my House of Treasures yet again.

Just to prove I can get along with Tucker, here is some pictures:

He is always sticking his nose where it don't belong!

He is a pervert, that is why I try to eat him.

Oh, wait a minute, this might not be so bad after all.....

Video's that Mom can't even remember what was on, sadly she just took them a couple nights ago, a senior moment.

 Now Mom says we have a little discussion to have. Oh how I love her little discussions, I pretent to listen but really ignore her and she goes off feeling like she has just solved the problems of the world. Such a simple soul, my Mom. She thinks we need to discuss my habits of thinking my but can't lay in the floor like other dogs, I disagree. I think my system is working out fine.
See how much attention I am paying to her little talk?

Still pretending to pay attention!

Now she is just plain boring me!

Seriously Mom your going to bring up the revenge poop too? I am going to sleep! The back of the couch works fine for me. Maybe a little stank eye will make her go away.


  1. Oh Lola, I've missed you! Glad to hear from you and find out that you are doing great...well, except for all the niceness to the enemy! ;-)

  2. Lola you are a little mischievous huh! I love how you steal the toys.

  3. Lola dear Gawd, you get the Naughty Pug award this month. Don't tell Mom, but secretly you are our hero...shhhhhhhh. I'm sure they pay for a paper shredder anyway so my vew is that they owed you some cash.


  4. It's so wonderful to see your cute little faces again. You two are always having so much fun together. Thanks for sharing the great photos. Have a wonderful weekend.
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