Friday, June 1, 2012

The Man Upstairs, My New Grammy and My Uncle

First off I need to defend myself just a little bit. I am NOT a pillow hog, it' it's just that Mom always wants to butt in and lay down on my pillows to watch TV.

I think it's perfectly clear by looking at these pictures that I was here first! (Oh for gosh sake Mom, NOBODY cares about your puffy eyes, they are all looking at me!)

Do you all see her anywhere in this picture? Me either, that's because I was here first!

Yep, not seeing her in this one either!

She isn't here either so I have proof I was here first. She is going to tell some bogus story about having to get up and move to the other end  because I was taking over but I wanted you all to know how it all really went down.

Two very important things happened to me today. They made my Mom cry, but she was crying happy tears this time and not the sad tears she was crying yesterday.  My Mom's brother has been fighting bladder/kidney cancer, she doesn't have a lot of family  so she is very close to him even though he lives hundred's of miles away from us. They talk on the phone a lot. He had a full scan a couple months ago and it was clean for cancer. Then last week he developed one of the signs (bleeding) they told him he would have if the cancer came back, so Mom's have been worried sick over him. But this morning he had a scan and a scope and both are clear for cancer, they don't know why he was bleeding some but they do not it was not from new cancer growth. Mom said it's all because of the Man Upstairs that she talks to a lot.

Then and equally as important to my I got my very own Grammy! I have never really had a Grammy or Grampy that cared and loved about me before. Mom said my Grampy would have showered me with love and attention but he died before I was born. So my Fairy Godmother is now my Grammy. Now tell me, how special is that? Not every girl can say she has a Fairy Godmother who is her Grammy too. I feel very blessed. Mom said this is all because of the Man Upstairs too. That he just knows who should be with who and makes it happen. My Grammy takes up for me too, when Mom tells her about one of my "little indiscretions" my Grammy always has a reason for it. Like this morning when Mom's reading glasses came up missing and were later found in my toy box, my Grammy just knew it because I needed them to read the labels on my toys. She's got my back!

But about this Man Upstairs. Mom talks to and about him a lot but I couldn't figure it out because we don't have an upstairs so in my mind he was some tiny little man who must surely live in our attic or quite possibly in Mom's head and we all know her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top so how was she meeting up with the Man Upstairs? But what made him so important? Just how did he know my uncle needed help and how did he know I so desperately needed and wanted my very own Grammy. Mom says he just knows things. I thought maybe she was having an affair with him because she would sneak out (I consider any trip outside this house that I am not invited to attend as sneaking out) to see him every Sunday morning and a lot of Wednesday's too because she always comes back from seeing him feeling happy and peaceful. So I thought maybe she could tell him these things when she sneaks out to see him. But if he lives in the upstairs aka the attic then why does she sneak out to see him? And get this, she talks to him when he isn't even around, can't see that man anywhere and she will babble on and on to him, I just blamed it on the little issue of her not being quite right, you know that whole elevator thing again. But today when Mom was crying what she called the "good tears" as opposed to the "bad tears" of the last couple of days, she explained the Man Upstairs to me. It turns out He loves us all and wants what is best for all of us so He does wonderful things to make that happen. We don't have to see Him at all, we only have to feel Him to know He is there. She said He can work miracles and she knows He is going to work one for me too so I will be a healthy pug once again and not have to worry about having these treatments. She said He can actually cure me. I think if He can save my uncle and give me a new Grammy then the Man Upstairs can probably pull of any miracle. So I ask Mom if I could as him for a pink ruffled dress and a pink rhinestone collar and leash. Then I get a whole lecture on what we are suppose to ask Him for and what not to ask for. It turns out pink ruffled dresses and pink rhinestone collars and  leashes aren't on the list. She says she thinks I need a few more lessons before I totally get how He works.

Now about the coffee thing this morning. I refuse to take full blame. Mom knows if she leaves any drink or food on the desk and doesn't pull the desk chair out in the middle of the room before walking off for a few minutes then I am going into flash mode and will hit that desk faster than her heart can take the next beat. Anything on that desk it is fair game and belongs to me. That would include the cup of coffee I drank this morning. I'm having a good run with the coffee and have managed to get me two cups in the last week or so.

I did not steal the coffee or the glasses, after that little crime spree I went through at PetSmart (for those that don't know about it just click on the word PetSmart above and it will take you to the post describing my crime) a while back I have turned my life around. I don't steal now but have been know to "borrow" from time to time.


  1. Good news about your uncle! And congrats on the Grammy. They are the best-always full of treats and belly rubs!

    The man upstairs' name is "God" (like Dog, only backwards). He actually lives in the sky, but I'm not sure how he stays up there...probably has a harness or something. Either way, he's the one responsible for your mom's happy tears.

    1. I sure hope they got him one of those easy breath net harnesses like I have!

  2. Lola
    Love you lots.


  3. Lola, nice work on the coffee!! As to the Man Upstairs, he's the one to count on. He doesn't always do what we expect but he always does what works out for the best in our lives. Keep looking to him and keeping Mom on her toes! All the best in your treatments!!!!


    1. You ever had that coffee stuff Grampy? It's really some good stuff! Mom's getting a little more stingy with it, says she can't take another day with me on caffeine.

  4. You're a lucky girl, Lola! Great news

  5. That is some great news!

    We sent you our treat money ... we have been praying to the man upstairs ... maybe HE can help make you better - soon!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

    1. Your the bestest! Thank you so much for sending me your treat money to help me!

  6. OMP so that is what "the man upstairs " is all abouts. I was wondering and couldnt figure it outs!

    Oh I would never thinks for a minutes that you would cause all that troubles. The glasses, the coffee, the petsmart incident. Uh uh no ways. You are a beautful angel.


  7. Hey, neato! My Mum knows the Man Upstairs too, and she says he is the bomb diggity. She says that without Him, Dad would have not been so enthusiastic to add me into the family (who wouldn't want pug hair in every crevice of the house??). Sooooo awesome about your Mom's brother getting good news. Woo-hoo!!!!! Maybe we should speak to the man upstairs about a lifetime supply of treats...just saying. So awesome that you seem to be feeling betters too. Life is good Ms. Lola.