Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pet Smart Ladies and Things Revisited

This was written close to a year ago and was on my other blog. I had a request to put it here and since it kind of ties in with the theme of Lola's next post I decided now was a good time to do it.

Let me wake myself up and I will retell the Pet Smart  story for my new friends.

Ok Pugs, gather around....I think I'm ready now....

Pet Smart Ladies and Things

Yesterday we went to Pet Smart.  I love Pet Smart.  There are all kinds of Things at Pet Smart.  Things on low shelves.  Things easily within my Pug reach.  Things I like.  Things I want.  I do love me some Things!
As we go in the door and I collected my usual treats,  kisses and hugs from the Pet Smart Ladies and caused my usual stir amongst the Pet Smart Ladies and the other customers.  Not many can resist a Pug face!   I own this, I'm proud of it and I use it to my advantage.   Yes, I am a Pug Ho!   I bask in the glory of my fans and humbly accept  that I am a STAR, if only in the eyes of the Pet Smart Ladies.  Others will soon follow.  If Charlie Sheen can have fans then I am confident that my indescretions will also be overlooked and my fan base will grow.  Who knows?  Some day,  I too may have a twitter account and post my ramblings on life, love,  the universe and all things in between.  Until then....I have my Pet Smart Ladies.  I do love me some Pet Smart Ladies!
I have learned if I look cute and act nice then I am going to surely get one of those Things on the shelves for my very own.  A Thing I can take home with me and play with anytime I want.  The Pet Smart Ladies are also going to give me extra treats, just because I am cute and nice.  I have also learned that passing a little gas from time to time in front of my Pet Smart Ladies doesn't offend them, it only makes them giggle.  If I act embarrassed about my "slip"  it only garners more attention which in turn garners me more treats.  Life is good.   I do love me some Pet Smart Ladies!
Yesterday while browsing the aisles I saw it.  A multi-colored stuffed mushroom Thing!   Now this is a Thing I had to have, no matter what it took I had to have that Thing.  Mom said that Thing was ugly and we would find another Thing.  But I wanted THAT Thing, it was MY Thing, it made me happy and when I am happy then the world is happy. That's just the way some Things work, they make you all warm and fuzzy inside.   Now I am not saying my Thing was better than other Things and next week I may find another Thing to make me happy.  But for me, right at that moment that was the Thing that made me happy.  I begged, I looked cute, I danced in a circle and still Mom wouldn't budge.  She left me no choice.  I grabbed my Thing off the shelf and ran with it.  Fast.  Amazing how many people will chase down a Pug thief in Pet Smart!  I was doing good, making my get-away until I came to the fish tanks.  I have never been able to resist the fish tanks.  Yesterday they were my downfall.  I may never again  look at them with the same love and devotion that I have in the past.  I was busted, caught red-handed with the goods in my mouth.  No use denying it, too many witnesses.  With sadness I turned my Thing over to the Pet Smart Ladies and went with Mom to look at different Things.  I do love me some Things!
Mom picks up some dog food, some treats, a Thing for me and another Thing for ole' grouchy Tucker, who by the way,  NEVER has to perform for his Things.  When ask about this Mom will only lower her head in shame and mumble something about dog bites, law suits and it being best if Tucker doesn't go around strangers.  I think he is running game on her.  Just my personal observation.  We go to the check out and there it is.  My Thing!  My beautiful multi-colored mushroom Thing!  My Pet Smart Ladies said I worked so hard for it they were going to buy it for me, and they did.  I do love me some Pet Smart Ladies!


  1. Lola, I surely like your style!


  2. Lola, I loves this delightful story! I has zoomed over from Pet Blogs United, and I always gets a good story to tell about Pet Smart too. I looks forward to reading more of your great philosophies and tales about farting.