Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mom! We have to talk....

There I am sleeping soundly, minding my own business......not getting into anything, not sucking on Mom's hair, not trying to eat Turdley Tucker, not dragging toys out......just being extra special cute......

All propped up on Mom's leg.....showing off my beautimus whiskers.....again please make note that I am sleeping and not bothering anyone.....

She can't stand it....she just can't stand it.....she had to wake me up!

Mom, please! Don't you have anything else to do or at least someone else to bother?

I give her a dirty look....I want to go back to my dream of  The Chippenpug Dancers.....

Obviously she is lacking in manners and continues her reign of terror.....

Do you think it will scare her away if I show her one of me teeth?

Guess not. What is it Mom? Just what is so important you have to tell me right this minute?

I should have known! The flashy thing.  You want to take my picture? Well, I refuse to open my eyes for this nonsense!

Might as well just roll over and give up!

God, this woman is insufferable with that camera, always in my face! Here's a face for you Mom, did you get that one?

Since kindness didn't work....maybe this will.....

Wait a that......

OMD......I think it is!

Yes, yes it's definitely fried chicken! You woke me up so I could lick your fingers and partake of that nectar known as fried chicken grease?  Awww....Mom......

I love you woman!


  1. Absolutely classic! What a great post and how lucky are you Lola? Chicken grease, OMG!


  2. Lola, you look so sad at first when your mama woke you up, but oh the payoff! Chicken grease! You lucky puggie!!

  3. See...sometimes it is worth being woken up! Yummy chicken grease!

  4. Lola, you always make me smile! I don't blame you for thinking the worse though...your mom is worse than the pugaratzi! Hehee! I bet that grease was extra tasty though!

  5. Aww that was hilarious Lola!
    Dachshund Nola

  6. Oh my dog! I've never tasted fried chicken grease! You lucky puggy!

  7. BOL!! Chicken greese fingers....yummy! My favorite!! I am still glad that you have her the stink eye, moms and camera! They will drive you nuts!


  8. This is the best thing I've read in awhile. Oh Lola, you are so adorable! Your facial expressions are priceless.

  9. That was so cute and so were your pictures! Why can't they just leave us cuties alone?

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  10. Oh my. You won't believe what happened yesterday. I was left in the car for a bit by the humans while they went to eat. (YES, EAT WITHOUT THE PUG, WHATT) and so I decided to stop thinking about it and fall asleep. They come back and pretend to care so much that they scream BUNK BUNK BUNK ARE YOU OK? And wake me up. They said they got scared because I was not snoring. WHAT?

  11. You know what they say about letting sleeping Pugs lie .... well apparently its not true coz you were sooooooo lucky and got some yummy chicken grease! Im STILL on my diet and feel soooooo jel of you! I want some too!!!!! Love , Licks and Pug Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxx

  12. aaaaww!!! Love that post!!!
    I hate the camera thing in my face too!!! I hear ya!!