Friday, March 23, 2012

The Way I Help

It's hard work moving but I knew I had to help and with some of the horror stories I have heard on here from my friends about sofa's I knew I had to protect mine. So this is how I helped move, I kept the sofa safe.

Sometimes I wake up and have to make sure things are safe in the neighborhood. I see something I don't like you can count on me to loudly express my opinion.

Mom wants me to apologize for such short blogs but she has still been really sick and rarely getting on the computer for almost two weeks, hope this is over soon, I miss all my friends!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Have Been A Busy Girl!

Mom want's me to apologize for how long it has taken us to blog and especially to acknowledge how wonderful it is being the featured pet on PBU! Mom has been sick and in and out of the hospital all week and then with my delayed healing time it's just not been a good week around here. You all might want to read Mom's blog when she get's done, she says she has a ton of idiots to write about. If you all haven't stopped over at PBU please do, tell them Lola sent you and she says they are the nicest people around! Feel better soon Pam!

I have lots to tell you!  First I am so proud I want to show you my new and improved belly! It sure looks a lot better than it did this time last week.I figure by next week it will look completely normal again. 

I lost most of that weight I had put on but the vet says not to worry, it will be back in no time and bring extra with it. 

I want to make it clear that even though Mom likes to blame me for slowing down her blogging it isn't true. I think these "pictures" she claims she took have all been doctored up and I doubt a single juror is going to believe any of them.  This is what the silly goose thinks she has for evidence.

Yes, that is the mouse between my legs, about all I have left to look forward to after the surgery.

Don't these all look made up to you too? I do not bother or impeded the woman's blogging attempts in anyway. It is not my fault she is a horrible writer and needs to use me as an excuse for it.

Look what I did today!

I got to go on the deck, see that set of stairs, probable not enough kibble in the world to make me stick one precious paw on one of them. I am scared to death of them. Right where you see me is as far as I will go.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I am Feeling Better Today

First let me warn you  that if your squeamish then please don't read this, I am going to show you a picture of Lola's surgery site and the bleeding under the skin around it. Her test results came back today and she has Type A Hemophilia.  You can't tell in these pictures but she even bled from her mouth, ears and eyes during surgery. We also want to give a big thanks to the German Shepards, Samuel and Katy D,  that gave blood and platelets to save her.

I am still a little weak but doing much, much better today.

Look at me, sitting up!

I got now toys! See that ugly green hamburger? Well, that one is Tucker's, Turdley doesn't even have enough sense to know what color a hamburger is suppose to be! One of the lambies is his too because I chewed up his favorite lambie last week. We also got now treats for being so sick, I haven't felt like eating any yet but Turdley hasn't had a problem downing his. Mom is trying to find me some sweet potato or peanut butter treats cause they are my favorite but she couldn't find any yesterday so she is going to look again today. I don't have much appetite so she is trying to find anything I might eat.

Look I got this close to Tucker, and even let My Boy hold him. Too bad I was too sore to try to eat him.

I even got down and checked out the new toys, I didn't play with them but gave them all a good sniff. 

Now this picture isn't pretty or for the faint of heart (Mom says that is a "Southernism"), so turn your head if you want, it won't hurt my feelings a bit, I wouldn't want to look at it either. Mom is going to make it smaller so it isn't quite so graphic and disgusting. This is what my belly looks like today, it looked much worse yesterday. All of this is caused from the bleeding in the abdomen during surgery.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Horrible Day For Lola and Mommy

As you know Lola went in at 8 am this morning for her spay and a hernia repair to be done at 10 am. I was a wreck and know they got tired of me calling to check on her but the vet staff is so nice they kindly checked every time. I was told at about 1:30 pm that she did fine and was just waking up but the vet needed to talk to me when I came to pick her up at 4 pm. At 1:40 pm my phone rang and it was the vet clinic asking if I could come in immediately that Lola wasn't doing so well. I think I made that 15 mile trip in about 7 minutes, of course cussing every other car on the road. By the time I got there my poor baby looked and sounded awful. Being her first surgery or injury we had no idea she is a free bleeder. The vet said the surgery took longer than normal because of the bleeding and transfusions but she had seemed to come out of it OK. Right after talking to me on the phone she went into shock. They got her to come around but it happened two more times while I was there. More rushing, more blood and more meds brought her back again. Making it extremely hard to get her to wake up. I was so terrified and quickly learned being a nurse flies right out the window when your baby is involved. I was asking some very basic nursing 101 questions, the vet kept telling me to calm down and think because I already knew all those anwers. He was right, I was just in in a panic. They don't have an overnight emergency crew there so felt better sending her home, even when it was with a human nurse. So we came home armed with IV's, pre-loaded syringes and anything else needed to stop a bleeding, breathing or shock incident.  She has to stay warm and I won't let her out of my site so she is wrapped up like a burrito in my lap. I was very pleased when she wanted to get down briefly to go to her paper and pee, got a sip of water and actually ate a few hand fed bites of food. About an hour ago she barked wanting Her Boy to come sit with us, a weak bark but still a bark. When he came she licked his hand like she hadn't seen him for days. A few minutes ago he got up to go to the bathroom, we were shocked when she got down to follow him. I guess even being as sick as she is the bathroom is just too much of a temptation to her! Right now she is doing much better but very, very weak and I pray she keeps on this path.

Unfortunately for her now that we know she is free bleeder she can't go to dog parks, rough house with other dogs or do anything that could cause a wound, scratch or cut, for her it will always be a life threatening event.  She can only be boarded overnight at a vet facility that has a 24 medical staff. So in Mom talk that means Lola will never, ever be boarded and I will never travel without medical equipment.

I do have to praise the quick thinking of my vet and his staff today for saving her life, of course when I see the bill next week I may be the one in shock! I know it is going to be several hundred more than originally planned for but worth every penny to have my baby safe. I do have to tell you this has got to be one of the most beautiful incisions I have ever seen, human or animal. Only another medical person is going to appreciate or understand that comment! LOL

Thank you all for the prayers, good thoughs and all the juju you sent my baby girl today. I also want to thank all her wonderful friends that sent pre-surgery toys and treats for her. I am sure she is going to have a great time playing with them when she feels better. Tomorrow I am going to go see if I can find her some new toys and treats, this baby deserves them after all she went through today.

This is what she looked liked for the first six hours she was home, taking pictures at the hospital was the last thing on my mind earlier:

If you could have heard the labored breathing brought on by the shock it would have scared you to death.

Her little tongue was out for so long I had to lubricate it to keep it from cracking, I couldn't take a chance on it bleeding.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mom Gave Me Some Bad News Today

So there I was just sitting peacefully watching television:

I so love the weather channel!

Did you say something Mom? Can't you see I'm busy?

Ok, if you insist on talking! Gee, can't get a minute of peace in this house!

What?!!! What did you say, I think I heard you wrong!

Nope, just looked, everything is still there.

Not today? They are going to spay me Monday and fix my hernia? I think I'm depressed.

Oh my God! This is not fair!

Give it up Mom, you can't console me, I have a right to a good cry!


I am not acting like a baby over this! Are you aware they are going to cut me open and all my stuff will fall out? What if the can't get it back in? I am NOT being dramatic, stop saying that!!!

Might as well give up, she isn't giving in. This pugs is the face of resignation and pure pity!
I think I will go take a shit in her bedroom.