Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet My Cousin Stan Milhous!

As you all know I know I have a Grammy and along with Grammy came a new cousin, his name is Stan Milhous and I want to introduce you all to him. Don't you just love extended family?  He is one dapper looking fellow. My Grammy loves Stan like there is no tomorrow and after you look at his pictures you will see why. Who wouldn't love that expressive face? Mom says she thinks Stan looks a lot like me, which we all know means he is beautiful. All I know is I am so very glad that Stan has my Grammy too, because she is one special lady.

Not really sure where Stan's thinking is here, he is either thinking "Hey, look at me and see what a dapper gentleman I am!" or he is thinking "What in the world are they doing to me now?" I will have to ask him and get back to you on this.

Have you ever seen such beautiful teeth? I do love a man that is not afraid to show his teeth like this!

I am not sure what poor Stan did here to get thrown in the slammer, but we don't judge him because at one time or another it seems all of us pugs end up in the slammer for something. My Grammy says Stan is a real gentleman, I think maybe he could teach me some manners, Mom says the terrible two's don't just apply to children, she knows now they apply to pugs as well. Unfortunately the vet backed her up on this so I really have no defense for my behavior now.

See how nicely he is waiting on his cookies to get done? He calls Grammy Mom-Mom and she was making him cookies. He is one lucky pug to have those home-made cookies. Mom keeps saying she is going to try to make me some but....well....let's just say I have a few reservations about her dog baking abilities.

I am not sure what is going on here but it is my favorite picture of Stan. It does have the ring of "mug shot" to it and I do see another jail cell in the background. I am going have to talk to Grammy about this and find out the story, cause my poor Stan looks a little scared and we all may have to form a gang to go rescue him.

Now tell me, is this not one beautiful pug? I think he is.

I wanted to tell you a little about my treatments, there has been a lot going on here and Mom's been kinda down so she hasn't been up to par on the blogging as she usually is. The last treatment went so well and I was able to go an extra two weeks without any help with my clotting, first time since treatment I have been able to do that. The vet is sure a cure for me is right around the corner or at the very least I will be able to finally maybe only have to have a treatment once every year or two. I was finally able to go outside for a walk and it was heaven until some hound dog howled and scared the bejeezus out of me. You guys ever heard one of them howl?  It's the stuff nightmares are made of! Anyway, this week I was suppose to have another treatment and they wanted to move the port, the vet thinks it is getting clogged because it isn't placed just right. Mom's nervous and scared because they have to put me to sleep again to do it but I will be fine. I am tough, a super hero in pink! I don't think I am having my treatment next week though, it may have to wait another week, Mom went to the store this morning and a tire blew out, it can't be fixed and the guy told her she has another one about to go also and the other two aren't far behind. So she is going to have to wait until next week for payday to fix the one tire and in the meantime she is running around here sniffling and snuffling and  mumbling something about a wing and a prayer on the other three tires and one step forward and two back. Why in the world is the silly woman taking one step forward and two backwards, doesn't she realize that isn't going to get her anywhere very fast? Geez...sometimes I wonder about the wiring in her head.

Good news, well for Mom anyway, I am not so sure about it yet. Mom has been working really hard on my leash training. There are so many exciting things outside that I just want to see them all and have a tendency to run ahead or try to run circles around whoever has the leash. Mom pulled out the whole "Your going to listen to me Lola" game, only this time she mean business. No amount of kisses, tilted heads or cute looks backed her down. It was like a show down at the OK Corral. I stood my ground as long as I could, I will even admit to a small amount of whining. She came out like Predator and said "Not this time little lady, you will walk on this leash right or you don't walk at all". I'm a little stubborn so we didn't walk at all for quite sometime, just stood there on the sidewalk looking like idiots, but then I realized Mom doesn't really care if she looks like an idiot so this could go on forever and sometimes you just have to give in. Yes, pug buddies, I caved, gave it up, turned yellow belly. I walked very nicely beside and slightly behind her for the whole walk! She called it a miracle and a victory. I promptly came in the house and totally destroyed Tucker's bed. Hey, I had to hang on to my reputation somehow! She left me no choice. Mom's all like "Don't you feel bad, now Tucker doesn't have a bed", I'm all like "So, who cares?", then Mom's all like "Look how sad he looks!" and I'm all like "Mom, he's a Chupacabra, he doesn't even need a bed, they're like wild or something". I may be walking on that leash properly, but I still have my street cred!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye Miss Tuni!

I can't believe that we have lost yet another good friend, so many in such a short time. I am so going to miss Tuni Tuesday's and seeing that beautiful face and tongue! Have a good time in Heaven Tuni and please tell Hank and Payton I said hello!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pillow Pug

Ok, spell it P U G, now tell me friends does that look anything like P I L L O W to you? I didn't think so. This is the indignity I have to live with in this house.

First it was My Boy......

At least My Boy let's me use his hand as a pillow sometimes.

Then it's Mom....she wants you to know she was asleep and even though it looks like the embalmers had just prepared her for burial she is simply sleeping.

I am NOT a pillow, I am your loving pug.

So I decided to turn the tables a little and show them how it felt.

I decide to use Mom as a pillow...

Not bad and she has plenty of fluff to make it soft.

Her lap isn't so bad either, again all that fluff .

Finally I just wander off to find my own bed since it has become obvious by now that she is not going to politely share the couch.

Now she wants me to embarrass myself totally and post these four pictures that are some of her favorites of me, but in reality beauty really should be shared with the world.

OMD Mom! Not the one that shows how gigantic my feet are!

Again with the feet? Good God woman, don't you know what a crop tool is?

I give up!  So I have big feet. It doesn't take away from the rest of my girlish figure, I'll just have to not draw attention to them by wearing glittery flip flops.

Goodbye Sweet Charlotte!

Sadly, I have lost another friend, my dear, dear friend Nola's little sister, Charlotte has gone to the rainbow bridge. She was so very young and it's hard for this simple pug to understand. We will miss you Charlotte!

I also want to thank Nola for choosing me to be the Rejuv-a-Wafers winner! Thank you so much Nola, and I can't wait until they get here so I can try them. They sound yummy!

Monday, June 11, 2012


So this is how it happened. Mom changed my vet because she found some very troubling news about mine and Tucker's treatment and immediately got us out of there and to a new vet. I really like the new vet, but I'm not so sure about this building he has beside his office. See when we pulled up there was this strange looking building and I was feeling really sorry for those poor things in that giant crate.  "OK Mom, so it was a pen, geez....let me tell it my way."  We all know I have a few issues with crates, well actually barriers of any kind, haven't found one yet I can't go under, over or headbutt my way through.

As we were leaving my new vet walked us out to the car and I wanted to go tell these creatures how to get out of that "pen" so I pulled and pulled on the leash trying to get there and the vet told Mom to let me go that the creatures were all healthy and belonged to him personally, he had them in there close to his office so he could make sure the Mama's were letting the new babies eat like they should. So I ran over all excited, my tail going every which direction and stuck my little flat face right between the bars of the "pen". One of the Mama creatures noticed me right away and came right over. She was a big one but I wasn't going to mention her weight issue or the fact that she was as tall as a Yeti, I mean, that really wouldn't have been polite since she was a new friend and all. I thought maybe after we got to know each other better, over tea and Reese's Puff's, I could give her some pilates or some exercise pointers. She leaned down and stuck her face right up against mine, she had a very soft but wet nose, another issue I planned to bring up with her later. Then she licked me, now I have a tongue, I have a really big tongue, but this Yeti had one that made mine look like Tucker's almost non existent tongue. But that's OK, I'm cool with kisses from anybody. Then she stuck her nose up against my face again and let out this very loud Moooooo! Let me tell you I jumped almost as high as that "pen" and was trying to run at the same time so I was already in gear when I hit the ground running in the opposite direction. I pulled the leash out of My Boy's hands and the vet said I would have put any Greyhound to shame with my speed. I ran as fast as I could back to the door of the vet's office, just my luck it was glass, very clean glass. I don't think it made my face any flatter when I smashed into it, at least Mom says she can't tell any difference.

I look back to make sure someone was coming to rescue me and what did I see? Mom, the vet and My Boy all bent over double and laughing! Yeah, they laughed at me, that Yeti was going to get me and they were all laughing. I had no other option but to pug scream, that brought Mom running because then she thought I was hurt by smashing into the door. The vet assured her and me that I was not dying that I was just being a little dramatic. Dramatic?! Are you kidding me? A Yeti tried to eat me, I smashed into a glass door, there was no one to rescue me and I am being dramatic? I don't think so!

So furkids of all breeds if you hear that Mooooo then run because it's going to be a Yeti coming after you and it will eat you. "No Mom, it wasn't a cow, it was a full blooded Yeti!  Since Mom seems so determined to interrupt my story I'm just going to end it here and leave you with the warning to watch out for Yeti's, they are big, they are loud and that can't be a good thing!

Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm Going To Miss You My Sweet Hanklin!

I lost a very special friend today (even if he was always in cahoots with Tucker as to ways to put me in my place!), he said so many nice things, and so did his Mom while I have been sick. Hank is just one of those guys you can't replace, little rusty around the edges, but that's because he was a war hero and served in Nam, and even though I'm a girl I could appreciate that he was a man's man. Have a Pabst's in heaven for me Hank!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Man Upstairs, My New Grammy and My Uncle

First off I need to defend myself just a little bit. I am NOT a pillow hog, it' it's just that Mom always wants to butt in and lay down on my pillows to watch TV.

I think it's perfectly clear by looking at these pictures that I was here first! (Oh for gosh sake Mom, NOBODY cares about your puffy eyes, they are all looking at me!)

Do you all see her anywhere in this picture? Me either, that's because I was here first!

Yep, not seeing her in this one either!

She isn't here either so I have proof I was here first. She is going to tell some bogus story about having to get up and move to the other end  because I was taking over but I wanted you all to know how it all really went down.

Two very important things happened to me today. They made my Mom cry, but she was crying happy tears this time and not the sad tears she was crying yesterday.  My Mom's brother has been fighting bladder/kidney cancer, she doesn't have a lot of family  so she is very close to him even though he lives hundred's of miles away from us. They talk on the phone a lot. He had a full scan a couple months ago and it was clean for cancer. Then last week he developed one of the signs (bleeding) they told him he would have if the cancer came back, so Mom's have been worried sick over him. But this morning he had a scan and a scope and both are clear for cancer, they don't know why he was bleeding some but they do not it was not from new cancer growth. Mom said it's all because of the Man Upstairs that she talks to a lot.

Then and equally as important to my I got my very own Grammy! I have never really had a Grammy or Grampy that cared and loved about me before. Mom said my Grampy would have showered me with love and attention but he died before I was born. So my Fairy Godmother is now my Grammy. Now tell me, how special is that? Not every girl can say she has a Fairy Godmother who is her Grammy too. I feel very blessed. Mom said this is all because of the Man Upstairs too. That he just knows who should be with who and makes it happen. My Grammy takes up for me too, when Mom tells her about one of my "little indiscretions" my Grammy always has a reason for it. Like this morning when Mom's reading glasses came up missing and were later found in my toy box, my Grammy just knew it because I needed them to read the labels on my toys. She's got my back!

But about this Man Upstairs. Mom talks to and about him a lot but I couldn't figure it out because we don't have an upstairs so in my mind he was some tiny little man who must surely live in our attic or quite possibly in Mom's head and we all know her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top so how was she meeting up with the Man Upstairs? But what made him so important? Just how did he know my uncle needed help and how did he know I so desperately needed and wanted my very own Grammy. Mom says he just knows things. I thought maybe she was having an affair with him because she would sneak out (I consider any trip outside this house that I am not invited to attend as sneaking out) to see him every Sunday morning and a lot of Wednesday's too because she always comes back from seeing him feeling happy and peaceful. So I thought maybe she could tell him these things when she sneaks out to see him. But if he lives in the upstairs aka the attic then why does she sneak out to see him? And get this, she talks to him when he isn't even around, can't see that man anywhere and she will babble on and on to him, I just blamed it on the little issue of her not being quite right, you know that whole elevator thing again. But today when Mom was crying what she called the "good tears" as opposed to the "bad tears" of the last couple of days, she explained the Man Upstairs to me. It turns out He loves us all and wants what is best for all of us so He does wonderful things to make that happen. We don't have to see Him at all, we only have to feel Him to know He is there. She said He can work miracles and she knows He is going to work one for me too so I will be a healthy pug once again and not have to worry about having these treatments. She said He can actually cure me. I think if He can save my uncle and give me a new Grammy then the Man Upstairs can probably pull of any miracle. So I ask Mom if I could as him for a pink ruffled dress and a pink rhinestone collar and leash. Then I get a whole lecture on what we are suppose to ask Him for and what not to ask for. It turns out pink ruffled dresses and pink rhinestone collars and  leashes aren't on the list. She says she thinks I need a few more lessons before I totally get how He works.

Now about the coffee thing this morning. I refuse to take full blame. Mom knows if she leaves any drink or food on the desk and doesn't pull the desk chair out in the middle of the room before walking off for a few minutes then I am going into flash mode and will hit that desk faster than her heart can take the next beat. Anything on that desk it is fair game and belongs to me. That would include the cup of coffee I drank this morning. I'm having a good run with the coffee and have managed to get me two cups in the last week or so.

I did not steal the coffee or the glasses, after that little crime spree I went through at PetSmart (for those that don't know about it just click on the word PetSmart above and it will take you to the post describing my crime) a while back I have turned my life around. I don't steal now but have been know to "borrow" from time to time.