Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Commenting On The Blogs and Graphics

I had several messages today about people not being able to post on Lola and Tucker's blogs. I have not been able to post on many blogs for several days now either. After doing a search on this I find that others are also having the same problem. It seems to only be a problem with the comment form embedded below the blog post that is causing the trouble for so many. I could go into detail as to why this is causing trouble but it would bore you to read it and bore me to post it. To try and correct this for my readers I have changed the comment form to full page on both blogs as I am told this is the solution until the they get it fixed. Since my "preview" is also not working on blogger I take no responsibility in how this post will appear today. Not that it would really matter but it did give me an excellent opportunity to get another dig in at blogger who I have decided is in cahoots with certain members of my family and testing my ability to hold my temper. I won't win that one so I am not even going to extend the effort, I prefer to rage instead. Yes, I know it isn't attractive but a woman that wears Pee Wee Herman and Tweety Bird pajamas that are, more often than not, streaked with pug snot is not all that worried about how she comes off to others anyway. I consider it a good day when I just remember to put pajamas on in the first place. I put that Ph.d to good use!

I have gotten some requests so I am also working on some Chihuahua and Dachshund (can't leave my doxie buddies Nola and Nathan out!) graphics and will post them when I get them done. As Lola is so forthcoming in telling you, I am lazier than a sloth so it may be a few days before I get them posted. Depending on how fast my Valium prescription runs out I may also do some other breeds, so if you have one you would like done just drop me a note and tell me. Also depending on the Valium haze and my ability to know what I am doing at any given time I may put these on a stand alone page.


  1. Oh Doxie ones!!!! YAY!!!! Blogger is a huge pain, I've had TONS of issues with it.
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Hi! Never had trouble commenting, but it seems like it takes forever for posts to appear on the Dashboard sometimes. Love it and hate it.

  3. Blogger is cranky, but you are happy and we love you.
    Did you really make those cute graphics?