Saturday, December 3, 2011

She Wants Her Boy!

I usually love it when Lola looks at me with that snaggle toothed face. Today, not so much.Today the girl seems to be on a rampage of epic proportions. I think she may be, in her way, protesting that Her Boy spent the night away from home last night. He has done this before so I don't know what is so different for her this time but she is clearly upset. She wouldn't sleep last night, made a total mess during the night and this morning is still in full temper tantrum mode. She has decided to sharpen those snaggly teeth by chewing on books and magazines, something she has never done before. If I get up to move she herds me toward the front door. When I refuse to go in that direction she launches into blood curdling pug screams, grabs my pant leg and tries to pull me there. When Her Boy isn't here sometimes she thinks he is standing right outside the door the whole time, out of her sight, and will sit there and howl for him. I think she is trying to get me to open the door and find him for her. I opened the door, showed her he wasn't there and all that did was bring on the most heartbreaking howls and the lower lip quiver she does when upset.  I am about to scream with frustration and have become so desperate for relief that I actually broke down and called my son begging him to come home early to calm her down. It's going to cost me money. Money well spent.

I love how the light caught this one tooth and made it stand out in the photo even more.

Barely peeping through her luscious lips here.

Now for the damage this morning:
No big loss here, just magazines but I really hope this isn't going to become a problem.

See those three stacked books? Well only one of them isn't mine, the one Lola chewed the corner up on, naturally. I don't know how many of you have ever had to buy any type of nursing books but they can be extremely expensive, so I guess I am lucky she didn't chew up my PDR.


  1. Good grief, honey!

    Yer boy will be back! Now settle down an' stop chewin' on stuff. Don't wanna break yer tooth!

  2. Oh dear Lola! You must really love your boy, huh? But don't drive your mom crazy, okay (if she's anything like me, it's walking distance anyway!) because she loves ya, too!

  3. Hi Lola! You've been busy!!! Wow, we're impressed. Ask your mom to get a video of your screaming. We'd like to learn how to do it, too.
    You and your snaggle tooth are so cute.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. Oh Lola, I know how you feel. I do the same thing when my mommy's gone, even if she's just in the other room.
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  5. Oh, Lola! You never gave your Boy permission to leave did you?!? So naturally your mom should have stopped him and is responsible to fix the problem. We're here for you.

  6. Oh my! Lucky and I have never done that when mom, dad or PlusOne go away, so we have no idea what to say. Poor Lola. We hope her boy comes home soon!

    Roxy & Lucky

  7. Ohhhh Lola! Bless you! You are such a cutie, I know how you feel Lola, when my Mum goes out I cry and I sit on the sofa looking at the door! I dont see why we cant go everywhere with our humans!
    Love, Licks and Phugs from Frank xxxxx

  8. Poor sweet Lola, my pups know how hard it is to be left alone by the one you love. But sweetie, you must try hard to be good! Hang in there!

  9. Pugs will be pugs, and honestly, I wouldn't give up the snaggle tooth for anything :P