Friday, December 16, 2011

My Award!!!

My friend Dachshund Nola gave me these awards and I love them, and her. Have you guys seen Nola? She is about the cutest Doxie you will ever meet, you must visit her blog.  The best part about these awards is I get to pass them on too my other doggy friends too. How cool is that?

The first part of these awards is to tell you 10 things about me that you don't know.

1.   I hate having my nails trimmed with the fire of a thousand suns!

2.   When they went to pick me out at the breeder they actually picked out another pug first, a boy, but I was having no part of it, I latched on to Mom's pant leg and wouldn't let go. She was trying to walk and dragging me at the same time. The breeder got me and put me back in the baby pen with my brothers and sisters. While Mom is talking to the breeder I climbed over that pen wall and headed straight for My Boy who was sitting in the floor playing with my pug Mom and Dad. The breeder said that was the first time I had ever climbed out. They came back to visit "their pug puppy" for the next three weeks until we were old enough to go to our new homes. Every time they came I was the one that ran to them first and refused to leave their side. Mom thought about it and decided it was meant to be, so she called the breeder and told her she wanted me instead. My pug brother that she had picked out was cute and all, but he wasn't ME. It was ME they brought home. She also found out later that all my brothers and sisters acted like our pug Mom, very calm and well behaved. I on the other hand am the only one that took after my pug Dad and am a handful. She also thinks it funny that at the first visit to pick out which pug she wanted she whispered to My Boy and said "I hope the one we get doesn't act like the father".

3.   I was the only silver pug out of my litter of six.  The rest were all fawn.

4.   I hate loud noises but I like thunder and lightening fascinates me.

5.   I would slit your throat with a spork for a taste of peanut butter.

6.   I love to play in water puddles, love to jump in the tub when Mom is bathing, but I hate to take a bath. It's just different somehow.

7.   I like to watch the weather channel on TV, it calms me for some reason. I'm also a reality TV junkie like      my Mom, I will watch it for hours.

8.   I am very well behaved when my humans are eating any food, I never beg or try to steal their food like Tucker does.

9.   I hate wearing my harness.

10.  I have an very small umbilical hernia that is going to be repaired after Christmas.

Now the next part of this award is to pass it on to five of your friends but you can't pass it to the doggy friend who gave it to you. 

I pass these awards to:

This is too hard!  To hell with it, I pass these awards to all my friends!  Just copy and paste or save the awards and add it to your page!

A big thank you to Dachshund Nola for these wonderful awards!


  1. Your welcome Lola!
    Dachshund Nola
    P.S. Could you stop by my blog and visit the family I've written about? They paws crossed

  2. Those are some neat facts, Lola, thanks for sharing. I especially like the story on how you won your forever home.
    Gosh, *blush*, thanks so much Lola! What an honor! I will post about it after the holidays.

  3. Oh Lola! You made my human go into some kind of fit with the spork and peanut butter point. She started laughing and crying all at once, I think she even snorted!

  4. Congratulations on this cool award!

  5. Wow Lola, well done on your award, you totally deserve it because you are so very creative as a Blogger! I really love the story about how you got your home, its so special, I don't have a cool story like that, but Mum said that it was meant to be because like you she wasn't supposed to have me! Mum says she wouldn't have it any other way, she loves me more than anything or anyone in the whole world! Love, Licks and PHUGS Frank x x x x x x