Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am Soooo Not Happy!

I see Mommy running around getting things ready and I am excited.  When the suitcase comes out I know this means a trip or at the very least an over-nighter.  Even better if we are going on an out of town ghost hunt, I'm really good at ghost hunting! So I start gathering my stuff and putting it in once place to make it easier for Mommy to pack it up, that way I don't have to worry about her forgetting one of my favorite toys. Right away I can tell something isn't quite right because she isn't actually putting my stuff in my travel bag she is only moving it out of her way.  I start to get a little worried but I give her the benefit of doubt thinking she might just be going to pack my stuff when she finishes with her stuff.  Then I notice the dreaded crate.  It hasn't moved an inch.  Still sitting there in the corner with my pillows piled on top of it and my heart sinks.  See, that crate goes in the car first thing so she can pack around it.  Then the horrible realization sets in.  My Mommy is going out of town!!!!  I think I know where she is going because I see the camera's, the recorders and all the paperwork.  Then I hear her talking to the other team members about equipment, night vision, time and permission forms and now I KNOW for sure.  It is confirmed.  My Mommy is going on a ghost hunt out of town and she isn't taking me this time!!!!!  This is so not fair that I have to stay with the babysitter while she is out having all kinds of fun.  She says something about it being a private residence and she can't take a dog into someone's house, blah, blah, blah...   But I have been with her on investigations in private residences before so I am not buying her story, not one bit.  Besides, I am pretty sure the team has forgiven me for that little camera incident last summer.  Could it be that these people are anti-dog?  Will my Mommy be safe around anti-dog people?  Maybe these people don't appreciate what a fine pug mug I have, maybe they only like poodles or great danes.  Maybe they think I will nose around in their stuff (OK, I will give them this one, but that is beside the point).  Oh horrors,maybe they are cat lovers! At any rate it seems SHE is going and I am staying.  I am going to rock the pout face all night tonight!  Throw some major guilt on her.  Oh well, at least that demon Tucker can't go either.

I seem to be getting left out of things around here a lot this week. It's getting old.
Monday My Boy gets in the car and goes to the skate park.  Without me.  I kicked up a major fuss.  So badly that Mom had to call My Boy and let him try to talk to me on the phone.  Didn't work.  I just wanted him home.  She finally called and told him he had to come home before I drove her crazy.  I think she may be on to my game.

Tuesday they left me so they could go to the grocery store.  Hello?!  I would love a trip to the grocery store too you know!  I only take things off the shelves and run with them at PetSmart.  Have you ever seen how fast my beloved PetSmart Ladies can run? Amazing.

Wednesday she leaves me to go to the doctor to get some of the stitches out of her hand.  Yes, she is still milking that bite!  She really just needs to get over it at this point.  I said I was sorry!  I wanted to go so the doctor could see I am not really a Tasmanian devil like he thinks I am.  I am really a sweet, sweet pug who just got a little pissed off.  Momentary lapse on my part.  Tucker would piss anybody off, I am not alone in feeling that way either.  Just ask 99.9% of the people that come to our house and they will back me up on this claim.

Mommy has promised she will get off this computer and snuggle on the couch with me all afternoon today and all evening too.  We are going to snack,watch movies and nap a little too.  I do love snuggle time!  Even guilty snuggle time.  Hey, I will take snuggle time any way I can get it!

My Pout Face


  1. Trips without you? That is totally unacceptable! You'll have to tell your mom that you are not responsible for whatever happens when she is gone...

  2. Awww, your mama going somewhere without you??? That's just not right! I'd say you can milk the guilt factor of this even more than your mama milked the biting thing (okay, we won't talk about that anymore... :p )

  3. How can your mama even think about leaving without you?

  4. You are too cute to leave behind. Shame on your mom!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: Just don't tell you mom how much fun you have with the sitter!

  5. Lola, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grow as a pug. I recommend you take advantage of the human's time away from the house to establish your independence. When the human's leave, you need look them straight in their non-crooked eyes and say, "go ahead and leave, I can poop on the carpet all by my self!"

  6. Owww Noo! That is so mean of your Mom not taking you with her, I would be so upset! Can't she seek you in her hand luggage? My Mum only left me once to go to Birmingham (UK) to see Britney Spears in concert with her sister, my Aunty Ashley - she was gone for a whole night, Daddy was looking after me and said I hardly moved from the front door, I kept crying and when Mum finally came home I gave her hugs and kisses for over an hour and she made a promise not to leave me again for a looong while! Love and Phugs Frank x x x x