Saturday, October 22, 2011

Salad? Who Eats This Stuff?! And Why?

So Mommy is sitting beside me last night and the noises coming from her would have made any pug proud.  I ease up, ever so slowly, to see just what she is enjoying so much.  It was a bunch of green crap mixed up in a bowl with a bunch of other not so appealing looking crap.  I smell of it.  Still nothing to get excited over, no  wonderful meat aroma at all.  I circle the bowl a few times, stopping occasionally to smell from a different angle. Nothing. Nada.   I gave her the pug eye, full of questions as to what this strange stuff is.  She says it's lettuce and kindly breaks off a piece to share with me.  I should have had my first clue when she got the camera phone BEFORE giving me the green stuff.  I will pay attention to those little clues the next time.

I take it gently in my mouth and go to my favorite spot on the couch to try it out.

I smell again, hoping it might smell better in my favorite spot.  It doesn't.

I shake it a little, thinking that might release the aroma.

Then I try chewing it....................

My final opinion....I was right all along, it is crap and only fit for human consumption.


  1. Ha ha ha! WE love the photos. Mack will eat anything, including lettuce. I won't go near it. Hope you got something better than lettuce after the photos.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Mmmmm salad is YUMMY (as long as there is DRESSING on it).

    Once I ate so much of it, that I barfed up a huge green pile of slimey crap on the carpet and mom STEPPED in it and yelled like a tourette's patient!!!!

    WHOOOOOOO boy! That was a good night!