Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pictures of Me!

What's a pug blog without pictures of me!

The first time I met my new family:

The very first picture my Mommy took of me when she came to the breeder and I chose her!  I was only 4 weeks old in this one and already adorable.

My first day home:

This is the day my Mommy brought me home.  Don't I look bad in that hot pink skull and crossbones sweater?  I know, I know, I told her it looked ridiculous!

We had to stop by the vet on the way home for my first check up.  It was cold outside and my Mommy made me wrap up in this scarf.

My very first picture in my new home!  I was a little unsure of this new place.

Soon I was playing with my boy and Tucker.  

It didn't take me long to get tired and I passed out in mid play.

I slept a lot the first few days:

I had some unusual sleeping habits.

Mom says this face is so kissable!

Even though I am a big girl now I still sleep with my tongue out.  It's a pug thing.

I was so tired here I didn't even get all the way on the pillow.

I never seem to get "all of me" on a pillow!

I'm bigger now but I still like to sleep in unusual positions and places.  This is my all time favorite place to nap!

Watching things:

I like to watch TV with my boy!

Watching Mom cook dinner, just in case she drops something.

A little sleepy but still keeping my eye on things.

I can even watch things upside down!  I'm talented that way.

Mom loves Pug butts:

My tail.

Because Mom is a little crazy.

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  1. Oww Lola, such cute puppy photos, I love every single one of them! Mum loves Pug butts too, she loves my curly tail and my wiggle walk, you have the most adorable and crazy sleeping positions! I love your smushy Pug face! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x