Saturday, October 15, 2011

Other Pug

This is me, turning my nose up at "Other Pug"

A couple of days ago I am walking through my house, minding my own business, doing a few laps at the Pugtona, showing Mom how I can jump high enough now to get the doorknobs in my mouth(soon as I figure out how to turn them the world will be mine!)when suddenly out of nowhere I see it.   Ohhhh, it tried to be sneaky and hide behind the glass fireplace doors.  But being the Ninja Pug that I am I was too fast for it.  Caught it red handed, staring at me!  I barked at it and it barked back.  I backed off to regroup and get my thoughts together.    I planned my sneak attack with military precision.  I got down low, my belly almost touching the floor  and started to advance toward it.  I moved, it moved.  I backed off again, watching motionless to see what it's next move might be.  But it's a wiley creature, it stopped too.  And continued to stare at me.  Then I looked closer and finally saw what the mysterious creature was.  A Pug!!!   A Pug was in my fireplace!!!   I saw no other choice, I had to defend my position, so I charged it.  Then something strange happened.  I went face first into some kind of force field that was protecting Other Pug from me.  I was thinking if I can't get in then maybe Other Pug can't get out, so I ran.  I ran fast!  I needed to get to the safety of Mom's bedroom.   Just as I turned the corner to safety I saw it.  It was waiting on me. This time hiding behind the mirrored doors of Mom's nightstand.  Other Pug and I stared each other down for what seemed like an eternity.  I decided I was going to have to be the one to break the staredown.  I barked, Other Pug barked back.   No wait......Other Pug was moving her mouth and showing her teeth like she was growling  but no sound was coming out.  Just what is this strange Other Pug?   I made a run for under Mom's bed where I hid out until Mom turned off the bedroom light.  I had a tough decision to make.  Should I stay hidden from Other Pug, alone in the dark or should I make a mad dash toward the lights in the kitchen where Mom was at?   I was weighing this decision very carefully, after all my life depended on it.   Then I heard it.   The treat bag rustling in the kitchen.  No time for choices then, I made a mad dash down the hall toward the lights of the kitchen, Mom and the treat bag.  Other Pug was NOT going to get my treats!!

I think I am winning this war, I am positive now that Other Pug is scared of me.  She won't come out of the fireplace or out of Mom's nightstand.  Just to be on the safe side, every time I go by I take the time to stop and bark at her.  It's important to show her my strength.  Keep her afraid to come out.  Be unpredictible to throw her off balance so she will never be sure if I am going in after her or not.  Yep, Other Pug is definately afraid of my Ninja self!

Mom says this is the face I have when I see "Other Pug"

I think I will ignore that silly "Other Pug" for a while and take a nap.

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  1. I had an "other Pug" in the oven door too, sounds like some crazy conspiracy to me! Mum just looks at me and laughs, but it is SO not funny! Good luck catching that mysterious "other Pug" paws crossed you scare her away soon, if you are right it sounds like your ninja moves have worked and she is super scared of you already! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x