Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunflower Club and Mommy

Mommy dropped in at Wilma's blog today to read about the Sunflower Club news she had posted.  I'm a Sunflower girl, you know.  Now, if you will excuse me a minute I have to say this loud enough for that nasty Tucker to hear in the other room...NO BOYS ALLOWED!  Whew!  I feel better.  Anyway she is reading about how good it is that Wilma isn't feeling any pain and is on the road to recovery.  She is commiserating with Wilma over the fact that her Mommy and Daddy came home smelling like meat and didn't bring her any.  Not cool Wilma's Mommy!  Just not cool.  She reads all about the wonderful Fred and Ginger Wilma's Mommy was helping.  As I was dabbing my eyes at that story and dreaming of the day when I can be Tucker's eye dog (oh the possibilities I see in this!) my Mommy is scrolling down the page and all at once she says "Lola, come here, this puggy looks just like you!"  Now who wouldn't be excited at that news?  I am beautiful you know.  So I come running over to see this absolutely gorgeous pug that Wilma has posted a picture of's me.  My silly Mommy didn't even realize it.  She tried to blame it on the pain meds she is taking (she is going to milk that dog bite for all she can!) but I am not letting her off the hook that easy.  I mean this is ME.  She should have known ME.  So I have decided to stay right in her face all day today until I am sure she would recognize me in ANY situation or photo.  Going to be glued to her.  I'm going to do all kinds of pug antics so I can familiarize her with me from the front, back and sideways too.  I'm going to do the Pugtona so she can even recognize my blur. She eats, I eat.  She takes a nap, I take a nap.  Oh, I hope we nap in the soft, fluffy bed!  In pug words, if the woman moves, I am right there with her!!!

Not taking my eyes off of her!

Still watching you Mom!

Thought you could slip around behind me, didn't you?

Not a chance!  I told you that I would be keeping my eyes on you all day!


  1. Hi Lola! How could your mama not recognize you?? Sheesh! So, yeah, stay in her face, make sure she really really gets to know you! (Sorry your mom is milking this bite thing for all it's worth... :/ )

  2. Oh, Lola, this is actually great news because now you can remind your mom of her oversight and get treats all the time! Guilt really drives the humans crazy so take advantage!

  3. Tell Tucker that The Sunflower club maybe just for girls BUT..... stop on over at my blog and join the Fire hydrant club for boys!


  4. Hi Lola. Read also read Wilma's blog and recognized you right away! I guess your mom's pain meds are really working, he he he.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack