Monday, October 17, 2011

I Was A Very Bad Girl!

First off I need to really, really, really apologize to my Mommy.  I didn't mean to do it, I would never hurt my Mommy or anyone else on purpose, well except for Tucker.  As soon as her Demerol wears off we're gonna kiss and make up.

This is what happened:

You see, I have this thing about Mommy going to the bathroom by herself, actually I have a thing about Mommy going anywhere by herself.  So Mom goes into the bathroom and I noticed she was gone so I went looking for her and as soon as I saw her I saw HIM (Tucker, the chihuahua) too.  That made me really mad that he got there first so I decided to beat him up.  He is a LOT smaller than me and Mommy was afraid I would hurt him so she jumped in to save his sorry butt and by accident I bit her instead.  Three times, really fast.  But I didn't know I was biting my Mommy, I thought I was biting that nasty chihuahua. Two of them were very deep and Mommy had to go to the emergency room.  It took 10 stitches to close the first bite and 4 stitches to close the second bite.  The third bite wasn't very bad and the doctor said it will close on it's own.  But she had to have a bunch of shots and Xrays  too.  We won't know if  her hand is broke until tomorrow.  I don't think that doctor believed her about me not having germs because he is making her take antibiotics for a whole month.

That should be the end of the story, but unfortunately it isn't.  My boy had to drive Mommy to the ER and back and I really missed him while they were gone.  They gave Mommy a lot of pain medication so my boy was helping her get settled when they got back and I got too excited over seeing my boy again and jumped up when he was leaning over and busted him in the nose with my head.  I hit him so hard it made his eyes leak.  It's gonna leave a mark.

I'm gonna try to be extra special good today to make up for everything.  I have a good Mommy, she didn't even yell at me.  Even said it was her own fault for getting in the middle of two mad dogs.  She isn't mad at me or anything.  Of course that could be the pain pills talking, she does seem to be very happy right now.

My poor Mommy's hand


  1. Oh no Lola! That's hard when things look like other things. It all happens so fast! Barley often gets too excited about treats and doesn't know where the treat ends and where mom's hand starts! Ouch!

    Barley & Ali

  2. We hope your Mom's hand gets better soon. We are sure she will love kisses from you.

    Sequoia Emma and Tuni

  3. Oh no Lola,
    I am sure you are very sorry for hurting your Mom. When we went from a 2 to a 3 pug family, I started to get kinda possessive about my food. Mom has broken up a couple of scuffles and gotten chomped, and once I Brigitte got my paw but good. It can be pretty sore, so I am glad your momma got some good pain meds. Now I eat alone in the back room.
    My sister is part chihuahua, and that part of her can be a pain sometimes, but we made friends. Do you think you and Tucker could ever be friends?

  4. Poor Lola & poor poor Mommy & poor boy...Remember Lola even the very bestest dog can make a mistake now & are lucky that your Mommy is one of the good ones *snoogles* GizmoGeodog

  5. Oh Lola ... I'm sure your mama has forgiven you! Just look at that face - how could she stay mad at you. And it was an "accident" - you really didn't mean to hurt Tucker! Pug Hugs, Ellen

  6. Oww Lola. You bad girl. I have NEVER hurt my Mum but then again we don't live with another dog, just Dad, but I have hit him in the nose with my head and nipped his ear with my puggy teefs! I hope that your Mom and your Boy feels better soon, they will both forgive you because you are such a cutie! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x