Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blanket Monsters and Elbows

It's well known around here that I like blankets and hate elbows. My elbow fetish came early in life. My Boy would play rough with me, which I loved, but the woman being her nosy fun ruining self stepped in. She told My Boy not to use his hands when playing rough with me because she didn't want me to become a hand nipper. How did that work out for you, Mom? My Boy wasn't about to give up our fun so he became inventive, he used his elbow instead. I think Mom had using toys in mind when she told him that, but we don't always listen to her. Do you blame me? I mean seriously now, she is the one that declared no treats before breakfast, always on the leash when outside, no chewing on shoes, no poop eating, no tongue when kissing and always use condoms. OK, those last two may be for My Boy but you get the idea.

Yesterday while Mom was busy flitting around the house trying to look busy she came in the living room and caught me and My Boy playing. I was already getting a little tired because we had been playing for a while so you don't get to see me in full frenzy but she promises that some day she is going to catch the beginning of one of the Blanket Monster's attacks so you can appreciate how "scary" I am.

Mom wants me to tell you that The Boy really does have better clothes, he always drags out these hideous jeans.

I was so tired after playing I slept for a long time on my Blanket Monster costume.


  1. Lola, your videos were great! I especially liked the 2nd one with the blanket monster! Your boy is so nice to play with you...go get him!