Friday, November 18, 2011

A Study in Goofy

While going through some pictures today I noticed how many goofy pictures I have of Lola. Most are out of focus and have bad lighting because she is way too nosy to have her picture taken and constantly circles whoever is holding the camera.  Tucker is the opposite, he actually poses, I can move his legs, his head, dress him up, etc. and he will "hold the pose". But he started young, I used him in a lot of the graphic packages I made and sold.  It's all he has ever known since he was 3 weeks old (Tucker had to come home early because his mother would not care for him and he needed round the clock care). I wish I had done the same with Lola as a baby. It is so frustrating to try to get shots of her. I have more bad pictures of this girl than I have good ones. Most of these you have seen before, some you haven't.

Today I celebrate the goofiness that is Lola.

This one came while trying to catch her in a yawn. Obviously I missed again, but this is my all time favorite goofy picture of her.

When Lola was about 5 months old she started "rolling". She would get on one side of the room and literally roll all the way to the other side without stopping. This was her in mid roll. She doesn't do this as much anymore. Now she jumps from one piece of furniture to another to cross a room.

She sleeps in some very strange positions, this is one of her favorites and never fails to make me laugh when I see it.

Sound asleep and honestly I don't know how she had her ears tucked so far back.

Lola, The Babushka Lady

Another favorite. She really does sit like this to watch TV. Give her a beer and a remote and she would bear a strong resemblance to my ex. Only she is cuter.

Playing with Her Boy. He was trying to do something and she would not get out of the way so he stuck her between his legs for a minute. She surprised us by not only liking it but by staying there for a long time. Now this is what he does with her to get her to leave him alone while he is doing something.

Lola pretending to be a French Bulldog. My son was playing around with her. You can tell she was about to fall asleep, she loves to have her ears messed with and it always makes her sleepy.

I love this one too. I have no idea why but every time she lays on her back if you hold your hand above her head in the "claw" position you will get this response.

Doing her best Marlon Brando impersonation

This came about by giving her a bit of peanut butter as a treat on laundry day. She lives for peanut butter and cookies.

She was laying on her back in Her Boy's arms while we talked, no clue what the girl was trying to do with her mouth in this one.

This is a typical Lola sleeping pattern. She almost always sleeps with her tongue out. You can play with that tongue all you want and it will not wake her up.

Lola has always had a thing about laying half on one thing and half on another. She rarely ever puts her whole body on just one thing. This is one of her favorite napping places. I caught her here as she was waking up.

I don't even know what she was doing here, but she looks very disgusted with something or someone. Probably me and the camera.

Her favorite place in the world, snuggled in Her Boy's arms. Not a goofy one but very cute.


  1. GOOFalicious!!!! Mommy says I have some goofy looks too but frankly I think Lola has a few more.
    Love Noodles

  2. I love all of these Lola shots! The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are up there as favs, but so is the 2nd to last! She is a cutie pie, so hard to pick just one! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aww! I love the one where she's sleeping with her tongue out, so cute
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  4. What great pictures! Such a great goofy tribute to little Lola (I especially love the watching TV one and the sleeping with the tongue out one!).

  5. Great photos ... We learned early that it is just easier to cooperate because mama just won't put the clicky thing down until we do! Tell your mama you need some good treats and lots of them - it works for us! Pug Hugs, Zoe, Peyton, Webster and Liberty

  6. Lola
    I love your goofy photos! They made us oooooo and aweeeeeeeee!!!
    Your too cute- no matter what you do!

    Your little lips are sooo kissable!
    (that is what moms said)
    thank you for sharing your cutness with us.

  7. Our pug is crazy and can't stand still when we want to take pictures, so we use a camera that has an "action" setting, which is meant to take actions shots of things like sporting events. It works really well and we got it for less than $200 at Costco. We have so many great pics of Bunk we don't know what to do with them!

  8. Those are great shots of her! She is a crazy lady. He he he. Mack posses more than me. I just want to the treats and get antsy quickly.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. Hi Lola! I am glad you understand my love for my boy. You look very happy with yours.

    ~ Lucky

  10. Holy pug those are some funny & cute pictures!!! We laughed thinking about you rolling across the room. I also love to cross a room by jumping from piece of furniture to piece of furniture. Sometimes I pretend there are sharks on the floor. It is a little game I play. And your little tongue out while sleeping - my old foster brother Louie always slept with his tongue out too - it would start to peek out around 9pm every single night as he got sleepy.