Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Learned Two New Things!

I know most of you already know how to do these two things, but I have been bloody stubborn about learning them. For a while now I have had a problem with running out the door every time it is opened and then engaging in a bit of  "catch me if you can". Just can't help myself. I smell all those wonderful outdoor smells and just know there are birds to chase and bugs to catch out there. So I make a break for it. Mom has worked very hard to break this habit but I was having no part of her training. Until yesterday and for some reason it just clicked with me when she opened the door and gave me the "back" command, suddenly I knew exactly what she wanted me to do and I did it. She was so amazed that she spent the whole afternoon going in and out the front door and every single time I stayed back and didn't run out the door. Unfortunately the neighbors probably think she is a nut case going in and out the door all day. Several times into her proud mania it also occurred to me that I don't have to jump on them when they come in the door either so I stopped that too.

I amazed her even more when I remembered what I learned yesterday and did it again today. Every time. I was a well behaved young lady and my Mom was so proud of me! I got cookies!

I even shocked myself with my good behavior!

Now I need to learn to stay off those expensive tables in the den....

and off of My Boy's desk.....

In time Mom, in good time....


  1. Lola, how good of you to have that lesson finally click! It's real important to stay inside when the door opens and not go bounding outside -- yes, I know bounding outside is fun, but your mom was teaching you the lesson to keep you safe! She did that because she loves you! Never forget that, my friend! :)

  2. Lola, you are so smart to learn how to do these things in one day! Mack and I still go nuts when someone comes to the door. We don't run away, we just run up to the person to sniff them out and give them welcome barks! It can be scary if the peeps don't know us and know that we are harmless.
    Keep up the good work and does pay off!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. You are so smart! I'm so glad you got some well deserved treats! I have to admit that I'm like Minnie and Mack.

  4. Good work, Lola! Seems you have her nice and fooled into dispensing extra treats!

    Mom loves the googley eye pic and then the brown eye pic in the next shot! HAHAHAHAHAA

    Mom says you should Pee-Mail her....she has a question... laura0227 at Yahoo dot com