Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh No She Di'int!!!!

OMD! The little snot has a blog! Mom not only started Tucker a blog today but she changed my Google name and profile picture to include him!  She also made me put a link up on MY page to his blog. That is wrong on so many levels! And he has snow on his stupid page! Then he went and joined the Fire Hydrant Club! I feel like tearing something up but Mom hasn't forgiven yet me for that $10 bill I ate the other day. I may have to settle for just dragging all my toys out.

The good news is Mom shared her lunch with me, I love a good sandwich! Still not really feeling the lettuce, but I didn't gag and throw it up this time. She is making lasagna for dinner, I'm going to give her the sad eye and see if she will share that too.

I'm going to hide from all of them. I'm pretty sure they can't see me here.


  1. This is a total tragedy! But maybe now you can get some good Fire Hydrant info for us.

  2. Owwww Noooo! Tell your Mom to stop the madness!! I love how your Blog is ready for Christmas! Super cute! Love and Phugs Frank xxxxxx

  3. Oh I hate lettuce too. That doesn't mean that I don't scarf it up off of the floor every time Mom drops some on the floor while cutting up a salad though. I just chew on it for awhile then spit it back out on the floor leaving a lovely slimey mess for Mom to pick up. It's super funny.


  4. Turdley Tucker has his own BLOG?????

    Aw crap...we have to check this out!!!!

    Good call on infiltrating the Stinky Fire Hydrant boys.